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If you’re searching for a plastering, painting and decorating service that is high quality and competitively priced, look no further. My name is Giedrius from 156 Decorators, and together with my 4 men team, we can take on any job and transform your Commercial or Residential spaces. We never hesitate to go the extra mile for our clients, helping choose colour or give tips: how to save money getting best quality.  Please feel free to get in contact us at any time, and we look forward to discussing your requirements further.

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Interior House Painting

We provide high quality renovation services across West Yorkshire. If you need high quality interior work to be done including wallpaper, renovation, woodwork, also plaster to finish service our team can handle and deliver impressive results. We guarantee a durable finish and work safely

Exterior House Painting

We can provide exterior painting up to 3 storey buildings, all work done having in mind that safety comes first.

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Commercial Painting

We do Joint and taping, Plastering, Priming and Painting big Offices, Shops, Banks, Caffe's and so on! Top Quality Rolling techniques and Perfect Finish!

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